Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool #10 Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship!

1. Little doubt is my mind that all students need to be taught and encouraged to freely use the Internet, but with caution and correct behavior.  The only way to do this is to make the information available to them.  I always discuss this with my classes, but I particularly like having a number of sites to offer as resources to them.  Hopefully they will become aware of the fact that not all sites are to be trusted and that when they do find reliable sources, to properly cite the source in their work.

2.  I reviewed a number of sites, learning something new from each.  However, I particularly liked  Many different videos are available here to make students aware of the proper etiquette online.

3.  At the beginning of the year, I plan to go over the basics of proper behavior when online.  I will refer them to SBISD sites (  and remind them that I expect all students to follow the proper guidelines.  Each student will sign a safe use contract.  However, due to limited time, I hope that students will come to me with prior knowledge in order to facilitate this process.

4.  As far as parents are concerned, I think they need to sign some type of contract to acknowledge that they are aware of what we expect.  I will, of course, speak about this during Back to School Night.  As we are adding more technology to our classrooms, all parties involved need to be on board with the process that includes proper usage.

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