Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool #4 Moving Up to the Clouds!

1. Google Docs in our department is very important.  We need to communicate as much as possible and time becomes an impediment to accomplishing this.  We already share a great deal with lab activities, gathered data to increase sample size, etc.  This will simply add one more tool to the effort.

2. Computing in the clouds with Google Docs is a wonderful way for students to take notes during class discussion. A major benefit to this is that several classes may use and modify the document as each class convenes during the day. More complete information will thus be available to the students to review prior to a test.  Teachers and students can post lab data for all class members to quickly access.  For example, if we have lab materials that students need in order to complete a lab report, this would be a very effective common location. The sharing aspect is favorable as well because lab groups can collaborate at any time.  Small (lab groups) and large groups (whole class) can be created in these situations.  Finally, when students are absent, I think this will be the main location for them to visit for missed work.

3. Currently, I have groups established for AP Biology and for Biology I primarily for note taking, but very soon, I plan to develop project based assignments.  I am also interested in using the calendar so that when major assignments are due, students will be reminded via email.  The nicest part of all is that this communication with all students or whichever ones I need to contact, happens without leaving my computer!!!!

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