Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool #7 Going Global: Online Digital Projects!

1. Communication between my two AP classes is facilitated by using Google docs.  I have used it a number of times this year.  At the present time, both classes have been assigned group projects to present information about the phylogeny of a specific taxon such as fungi, etc.  The objective is to share the characteristics of the group and basic information about how food is acquired, how the group maintains homeostasis, regulated water, etc.

2. Implementation:  already in use. I will continue to use this type of approach.  Each time I do something with Google Docs, I find an improvement.

3. The tools used will be PowerPoint on Google Docs.
4.. The product will be shared with both classes by posting a PowerPoint on our shared site on Google docs.  The intent is to be certain that the most important facts about each group is available to all students in my classes.  This part of AP Biology is somewhat overwhelming and the time to cover all of this is limited.  Hopefully, this approach will accomplish presenting each student with enough information so that they will have an idea of why organisms are grouped into certain categories.  The assessment will be a multiple choice test and a free response question at the end of the presentations by each group.  To study for this test, students will be able to study from the documents.

5.  To share beyond these two classes, using Edmodo or other learning communities would be a very good option as ways to search for other classrooms studying the same material.  Such an approach is in the plan for next year.

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